Go Ahead and Cheat

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Happy New Year!!!
Welcome to 2017. Now before you quote me on the title, let’s give it some context. It’s January 2nd and you may already be behind on a resolution you set out for yourself. Let’s see, the usual resolutions – lose weight, get places on time, be nicer, cook/eat better, read more, blah blah blah. It’s almost the same for everyone that makes resolutions, so for one, be original and think of specific goals that you want for yourself. But secondly, give yourself a break. And that is what I mean by cheat a little. . . . Read More

Cooking with Blue Apron

Ahh, the “joys” of cooking. Depending on your personality, you either love to cook, hate to cook, or cook just because you need to eat. I think the joy of providing a meal for others, increases the likeliness of wanting to cook, but when you are in a situation living by yourself, it might not be as fun. Whatever you cook, you are stuck eating it for 4 meals, unless you decided to make “just enough,” which is never as cost effective. Regardless of your motivation, we all have to eat. . . Read More