About JOYFishbowl

JUMP OUT YOUR FISHBOWL is about leaving one’s comfort zone.  You may be asking: why do I need to jump out of my fishbowl? What is wrong with the way that I am doing things? And you may very well not need to change a thing. But 9 times out of 10, and this is merely speculation, we could all use some risk in our lives. Whether it is the new job, a new promotion, kids, college, school, a hobby turned into a passion, or dinner for the night, there are things in our lives where we are scared to stir things up. Day in and day out, it becomes monotonous. We sometimes know that we’d like to do something different but we are too scared to even think of what that could even be. Thinking outside of the box requires acknowledgment that the box exists and that there may be more on the other side. It’s like looking through a fishbowl your whole life and always wondering what it would be like to be on the other side of that glass. There, of course, are complications, like the need for a fish to be in water and just figuring out how in the world one would jump out the fishbowl, but oftentimes we don’t even get to think of the logistics of HOW to do it, because we never fathom that “it” could be done. And so we swim happily along in our fishbowl – our apartment, our house, our neighborhood, our hometown, our country, our language, our job, and our [insert happy place of your choice]. For whatever reason (money, time, energy) and however valid it may be, we often forget what it’s like to be a kid with a huge imagination. Practicality and reality have taken over and we have decided – before gathering any facts – that our fishbowl is where we belong; it’s where we will stay.

You don’t HAVE to jump, but there’s a lot waiting for you if you do.

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