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I don’t know about you, but getting back into work travel has been quite the adjustment. I am totally rusty. Even the rules at the airport – do we still have to put the liquids in the little baggy? Well, I recently started traveling for work again and I had some tips that I had to share on staying at hotels and what to bring. Normally, I am a minimalist packer, but usually for work trips you have to bring more than for a personal trip, so if you are going to check a bag, you might as well have these comforts.

  1. A binder clip. Game changer. Such a simple hack that I’ve seen online. You know that sliver or sunlight that finds its ways into your eyes at around 5am when you’re trying to get that good good sleep? Well, the binder clip is super easy to carry and simple to use. Just clip the curtains together in the middle (you can even splurge and bring two). Then you wake up when you want to wake up (i.e. when you set your alarm to be at the crack of dawn meeting).
  2. Personal blender. So I’ve seen these on tv and they have the ones that blend right into the cup. After reading several reviews I saw enough that said they failed after a couple of months. So I was between the Mini Ninja, which I had heard good things about, and then I saw the Oster one, and it looked pretty similar and half the cost. So I ended up buying it. It was great. I was able to make my blueberry banana smoothies in the hotel room for breakfast and carry the cup around to drink my smoothie. It doesn’t take that much space, so it’s easy enough to bring. You’ll have to bring your own produce, but you can get ice at the hotel fairly easily.
  3. Sheets. With covid and germs, I really don’t want to share anything with strangers. A friend had a portable sheet set that folds up pretty small. It goes on top of the fitted sheet and you sleep inside it. There are also pockets to put the hotel pillows; the idea being that you are only touching your own stuff. I was definitely more comfortable having my own sheets that I had washed.
  4. Pillow Case. If you need to use an extra pillow, it’s nice to, again, know that you are reducing your contact with something shared.
  5. Flip Flops. These can double as slippers in the room and shower shoes if you think the shower floor is icky.
  6. HDMI Cables. Depending on how long your stay is, it might be nice to watch a movie on the big screen. Many hotels will let you sign into your account, but I always feel weird signing into a public television, so it’s easier to just project from your laptop or tablet. You could also bring your Roku stick or Chromecast stick if you wanted.
  7. Tupperware. This one sounds funny, but if you bring one Tupperware dish with a lid you can put your leftovers in something more sturdy that won’t spill, or just use it to mix something or have a bowl for cereal. It just makes transport of food much easier later.
  8. Water or a Water Filter.  On my last trip I drove, so I brought a gallon of water with me. It just made it easier to not have to worry about stopping at a store or how the water tastes. If you drink tap water, then you could also bring a Britta filter and store the water in the fridge for when you need it. And of course bring your reusable water bottle to refill
  9. USB Noise Cancelling Headphones. If you take a lot of virtual calls, this can help to keep the noise down in your conversation, and keep your hands free. Again, doesn’t take a lot of space, and helps you to be more efficient.
  10. Journal. Being away from home can give you the freedom to take some downtime and reflect on things. Without looming chores staring at you, you should make sure to have time for yourself in each day. It’s so easy to be “ON” at every moment, but the importance of not burning out is to take moments here and there and take care of your own needs.


Ok, so that was a top 10 list. Do you have other tips or tricks for this “post” covid hotel life?? Please comment below. Thanks for reading!!

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  1. Helpful tips Melissa! I bring lavender and peppermint oil on planes -to help with nausea/air sickness. Also to mask the air when ppl near by are eating aggressively smelly food-haha.

    Love the sheet idea!

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