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I was on a podcast y’all!!!

I’ve never been one to do a YouTube video or podcast. Videos just seem so extra, having to do your hair and makeup for every recording. And radio, I just think I have been self-conscious of my radio voice. It’s always been a tiny fear of mine.

Well, I randomly met this guy, Adam, 10 months ago at a Meetup that I organized. We played some video games and called it a day. He was really good about exchanging info with everyone, so we happened to swap Instagram names and kept in touch. We have similar views on texting and were able to get to know eachother via DMs. Emotionally, we are very similar in our trains of thought and it’s always nice to have the point of view of the opposite gender.

Adam and his friend, Reuben, have this podcast, Guys Who Cry, and they talk about everyday topics, but with a safe emotional space attached. Pretty much fighting the stereotype that straight men can’t be connected to their emotions. I can dig it.

Since being single during a world-wide pandemic, is a unique situation in and of itself, we of course have talked about dating, many many times. Well, I got invited to be a guest on the podcast, and you can check it out and comment here or on instagram (@joyfishbowl) your thoughts. My focus for this post was actually about the experience itself.

It amazes me the comments I sometimes hear when I tell people I was scared or nervous to do something. I think we all have to remember that it’s not about what your perception of someone is that matters. It’s what their frame of reference is and it’s up to them to determine what is and is not in their fishbowl. So for me, to have no control over what we talk about and not being able to prepare answers to questions, plus being “live” recorded (didn’t air live but I had to assume that everything I said would go onto the posted recording), that was a big stretch for me. Plus, just being vulnerable and sharing, with potentially the world, was a big deal.

I was on the radio before as a kid on WXPN Kids Korner, so I had a little experience. But this was a whole new ballgame, open to the universe!! I know I know, I’m being dramatic, but sometimes your thoughts run down a rabbit hole and make you more afraid of the task itself.

The experience was awesome. The conversation flowed easily and, not to toot my own horn or anything, I thought I sounded amazing. I’ve gotten lots of texts about one of my stories on there that made people laugh. I’m glad I did it. I’m glad I tried something new, I exhibited some trust in my new friend and his podcast partner (and sound guy). And overall, no regrets. It definitely makes me want to share more stories with the world and reminds me that we just build these fears in our head. Go and do that thing you want to do. Buy the shoe, but the books, buy the bookstore!!! The world is your oyster, but the first thing to do is take that leap.

Thanks Adam and Reuben for having me on the show. Readers, check out @guyswhocryofficial on Instagram, and check out the epiosde with me and and some of their other episodes. Links below:



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